Sessions and Fees

Sessions and Fees

All sessions are currently conducted online due to the ongoing pandemic guidelines.

Sessions last for 50 minutes and while prices are agreed individually, the regular charge is £60 per session. I offer some sessions at a reduced fee for students or those on a lower income, please contact me for more information.

The amount of counselling sessions for each individual varies; this is something that can be explored in an initial session. Sometimes it is useful to agree a set amount of counselling sessions, or it may be helpful to consider counselling as an ongoing, and potentially lengthier process.

It is important within counselling sessions to reflect on the relationship between client and counsellor. After we have met for an initial session I will encourage you to reflect on whether or not you would like to proceed.

Many people come to counselling to work through issues from the past, to deal with a crisis, or to work on an ongoing concern such as workplace stress, relationship breakdowns or bereavement. Counselling can be a long or a short term commitment, dependent entirely on your needs.

Person-centred therapy

This focuses on the client as the expert, with the counsellor taking a non-directive approach and providing a safe environment to fully explore all aspects of the self without fear of judgement.

Existential therapy

This is concerned with searching for meaning, recognising where meaning is found, and taking control over the choices in everyday life that contribute to living in a meaningful way. Working across these two types of therapy, I will support and encourage you to work towards an understanding and acceptance of yourself, and a realisation of the power and control you have to make changes and achieve your full potential.

More techniques

Cognitive Behavioural techniques are methods of recognising where thought patterns can lead to destructive behaviour and challenging the beliefs that perpetuate the behaviour. I find that combining Cognitive Behavioural methods with an exploration of the self that comes with the Person-Centred/Existential model, a deeper understanding of issues can be gained whilst maintaining a focus on simply feeling better and more functional.