Confidential one-to-one counselling


Liz Booth

Liz Booth

Call me on 07570 779 102 to find out how counselling can help you achieve your goals and overcome your difficulties, or email me at

Due to the ongoing pandemic, all sessions are presently available online only.

Many people come to counselling to work through issues from the past, to deal with a crisis, or to work on an ongoing concern such as workplace stress, relationship breakdowns or bereavement. Counselling can be a long or a short term commitment, dependent entirely on your needs.

I practice in Bedfordshire and South Cambridgeshire, using person-centred and existential approaches to create a safe space in which you can reflect on your life experiences, current problems and challenges, and work towards positive changes. You can find out more about these approaches and how counselling can help in the ‘About Me’ section, or contact me for further information.